Large Format Posters

8pt C2S

These posters are printed on a semi-gloss card stock material.

Paper Type –8pt C2S Stock

Coating – No Coating

Color –Full color CMYK: 1 sided (4/0)

Quantities – Ranges from 1 to 10

Sizes –12″x24″ 12″x36″ 12″x48″ 12″x60″ 16″x20″
20″x24″ 22″x28″ 24″x24″ 24″x36″ 24″x48″
36″x60″ 48″x48″ 48″x60″ 60″x58″ 72″x12″
72″x24″ 72″x36″ 72″x48″ 72″x58″ 84″x12″
84″x24″ 84″x36″ 84″x48″ 84″x58″ 96″x12″
96″x24″ 96″x36″ 96″x48″ 96″x58″

Finishing – Cut to size.

File Type – Print Ready PDF file